A new way to edit your videos

A markup language for video editing

Learn quickly

The only elements in this language are marks, which contain attributes. The way of writing and organising these marks is intuitive.


A Veaml file is reusable, it can be executed for different videos without needing to write the same again.

Easy to share

It's useful to share a representation of the final video in order to provide information about the timing of scenes.

Isolates the editing

By using a Veaml file for editing and a parser for the processing, you won't ever lose your project, even when processing fails.

Veaml is free, open source software

Veaml works on top of libopenshot, the library for video editing used by the open source program OpenShot. Furthermore, Veaml is released under the MPL license, which means anyone can redistribute and modify the source code for the parser, while mantaining MPL files under the same license.