What's nosykitty?

:smiley_cat: nosykitty is an open-source CuriousCat clone in the form of a static Jekyll site. Instead of hosting lots of users in a single platform, nosykitty is managed by the user.

This website is running on nosykitty, so you can see how it looks. You can send questions with the form above, but they will be answered in David’s ask page instead of here.

How does it work?

It works by creating pull requests on GitHub whenever a question is sent. For this task we use Staticman. This way, we don’t need an additional backend and use only free services (which means we don’t run ads).

How do I sign up?

To setup your own nosykitty site, you’ll need a GitHub account. Then, fork this project and configure it as you wish (edit _config.yml and staticman.yml). Now, visit http://your_username.github.io/nosykitty and follow the rest of steps from your site: